Is it Ignorance, Arrogance ... or Just the Luck of the Draw?


In an article published by the Nottingham Post on Monday 7 October 2019 (see The New Academic Year Arrives!) Mr Charlie Ownel and Ms Paris Brown, presumably both returners, both appear to lay the blame for the problems residents have experienced since the beginning of the new academic year on freshers.

Assuming the majority of freshers either live in halls of residence on Nottingham University's campuses or in other privately built halls of residence, it's difficult to accept this premise. In fact, the only possible explanation for their comments is either ignorance, arrogance or, hopefully, rather than being representative of their cohort, they just happen to have been the ones to be interviewed by the Post's reporters.

Also interesting is that Mr Ownel says 'We had some house parties, nothing unusual ... . We have all received notices, even if we haven't been particularly loud.'

No doubt a case of nasty local residents being inconsiderate, with poor Mr Ownel et al. on the receiving end of undeserved admonishment.

If that's the case, then it does seem that there are 'nasty' residents living in a goodly number of our so-called student areas. Only the other day, the NAG had an e-mail from one of them saying ... 'Already been a nightmare and students have only been back one week ... been woken up at least three times in the early hours by drunken behaviour, loud party and party goers kicking over bins!'

As for halls of residence, it is indeed more than high time Nottingham University adopted not only the principle but also the actuality of providing accommodation for its students on its own land (of which it has a good deal) rather than ducking its responsibilities by passing them over to private rented sector landlords and private developers and investors.